Getting in shape and developing an exercise program doesn’t happen overnight so a little patience may be needed that will pay off with due diligence. It is of uppermost importance to me to be safe while exercising and getting ready to train for an event. Safety if not just around us – it is safety of our body and mind! 

I think we all know that the body spirit and mind are all strongly connected by our Creator of the Universe. When one is failing the other will suffer. While I was healing my body it was important to keep my mind strong. 

Suggested Readings

I highly encourage these books by Henry Cloud and others similar to it for learning more about yourself and how to set boundaries. I do have several favorites by him that I’m sharing here.

Boundaries for Life


Boundaries For Marriage


Boundaries for Kids


Tips To Time Manage Your Exercise Time

While on the Silver Comet Trail I also found my new found form of exercise to be very peaceful. Often times, creative ideas would come to SmartPhone holder for bicycle handle barsmind which is why I always had my handy-dandy smart phone. Check this out– I love it! 

Heck, I’m actually walking my neighborhood as we speak killing two birds with one stone! Try it.

So you say you have little time to exercise.  Just take your phone and do a little chatting with friends along the way or voice command your ‘to do list’ on your iPhone notepad while walking, running or riding your bike! 

Body Safety!

Safety can also mean keeping your body safe and not overheating – especially in our southern summer climate. One of my favorite tips for hot weather is to put chipped ice in a bandana and wrap it around my neck.  I use this especially on hot days and what a difference it made!

Check out this research study if you only have five minutes a day to devote to exercise (8).

Exercise Safety on the Silver Comet Trail

I did observe a very common concern  regarding safety with women on the Silver Comet Trail.   On this particular walking biking trail  there are long stretches of isolated areas. I observed many women in isolated areas walking with their earbuds unable to hear anyone approaching or walking their baby stroller which is an even greater target for a criminal.  Better yet take a buddy or two or even start a walking club

Exercise & Bike Safely!

So if you’re going to bike be safe. Here are a few things I do to ensure my safety.

I had my own bicycle crash on the comet trail in 2009.  I wasn’t wearing a helmet and hit a slippery area while applying my brakes.  My body flew over the handle bars and landed on very hard pavement resulting in a broken shoulder.  Fortunately, my head did not meet the pavement!  Lesson learned.  Not fun!

By being award of your safety while training, it will make your training more productive and enjoyable! Let me know what tips you use to protect yourself while training! Comment below and I’ll also share on my Facebook page!

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