Close your eyes and imagine you are in a room with 20-25 successful business owners. You can ask them anything. What would it be? How to start a social media campaign? How to give back by launching a not for profit? How to balance your family and a business? What would you pay for this? Thousands?  What if this information were available to you 24/7?

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Here is just a sample of one of my tips in the book – Enjoy!

Got a Flat Tire

by Vicky V. Bates

Think of your life as a 4-wheeled vehicle and each tire is labelled:

1) relationships  2) spirituality   3) career   4) physical activity

These 4 major areas of life contribute to our wellness so it is important that we keep them in balance.  It’s so easy to let the demands of career consume you but this is where we must keep enough air in each tire so that the whole vehicle runs smoothly.  Otherwise, you are going to be doing a big flop-flop down the road.  Read More…

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