Greetings Realtors! 

Every realtor needs a “Johnny on the spot” cleaning service they can call when they need someone ASAP right?  Maid in America is staffed just for that occasion!

For my realtors, I have a special program for both you and your clients.  Here’s how it works:

1) Give the “Gift of Time” at closing by sending a Cleaning Angel as your HOUSE WARMING GIFTl!  Your cost for a 3 hour cleaning gift is only $50 (Normally $100)!  Your clients will be thrilled and you won’t be spending valuable time shopping for something they may not even like.  I even personalize the gift card for you so you have minimal details to worry with.  (Sample attached below)

2) Earn FREE cleaning time for your home or towards a client gift with “Referral Bucks” by referring us as your “Maintenance” service while your clients home is on the market OR for the “Move out/in” cleaning.  Every time someone you refer starts a cleaning service once or ongoing, whether they are your client or not, you will earn a $10 credit.  You can accumulate these credits however you like and apply them towards that “House Warming” gift or as a gift certificate for a special occasion to give anyone or to yourself.  

Flowers fade & not everyone likes candy gifts or home decor, but EVERYONE LOVES A CLEANING ANGEL!

Also, for my realtors, I know you are a huge referral source and I want you to feel confident referring Maid in America to your clients and associates.  Just for you, I will gift you with a one-time 50% discount for a personal 3 hour cleaning of your own home!   Another huge deal!!  If you go to my website at Maid in America and click on the ‘Free Estimate’ tab I will send you cleaning information for your home today.  It will take only 3 minutes of your time.

So, here I am, the QUEEN OF CLEAN, Vicky Bates, owner and founder of MAID IN AMERICA providing trusted NON-TOXIC cleaning solutions to homes and businesses in Cobb (excluding the east), Paulding, Douglas, South Carroll, South Bartow, & South Cherokee Counties.  “We don’t cut corners, we clean them”!

Sample Gift Certificate

This gift certificate has been arranged by my friend and your amazing realtor, Susan Sunshine, as a gift from her to congratulate you on the closing of your home today.  She is one of my realtors who partner with my services to present to you the “gift of time” in the form of a 3 hour cleaning angel whom I will arrange with you at a later date to perform some cleaning tasks.  You will enjoy being pampered very soon!

Contact me to schedule your cleaning at your convenience.

You may also go to my website for more information.

I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

Vicky V. Bates

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