Vicky getting exercise by playing tennis. Why do I exercise? Fortunately for me it has always been a lifestyle for as long as I can remember. Back in my day (60’s – 70’s) kids didn’t sit inside watching TV and playing computer games all day.  There was also less childhood obesity.  We physically played outdoors with our friends and built really cool neighborhood relationships.

Not as much of that is taking place these days sadly. For the parents who would like to instill that lifestyle habit in their children of exercising daily I will give you a few tips on some fun things you can do as a family but remember parents that it starts with your example (7).  

My lifestyle of exercise has taken an even sharper turn influencing my commitment to it on an almost daily basis.  And here’s why…

My Story

In March 2015 I was given a breast cancer diagnosis.   Here’s more information on my story.   There is a strong correlation between exercise and reducing the risk of re-occurrence of breast cancer not to mention other types of cancer but an especially strong correlation with breast cancer. For more information,

God’s word calls us to be good stewards of our health. Here are a few encouraging passages. I highly recommend printing these and putting them in visible places to encourage you. I know that many folks have gone through serious health crisis and exercise may seem impossible but my words of encouragement to you are:

1 –  Read inspirations. One of my favorite short reads is this little book: The Prayer of Jabez

2 – Be encouraged.  Ask God to “Expand your territory”.

3 –  God gave us one physical body and we are the stewards of it. If you find yourself having difficulties making yourself a daily priority I encourage you to find an accountability partner.  

4 –  Make appointments for your exercise on your calendar.

Check out this research if you only have five minutes a day to devote to exercise .

Even small changes and baby steps in the long run will make a big difference in the quality of your life specifically your health. One of my good friends was 100 pounds overweight and she slowly lost every pound in just over a year through small steps of daily exercise.  If you need to loose some weight before your first “Tri” be encouraged: her story is inspirational! 

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