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Ignite Marketing

 Why a Website from Ignite Marketing?

  • Branded for your company
  • Works within your time frame and budget
  • You own it!
  • Adds a 24/7 salesperson to your team
  • and so much more…


Lori Lyons is the owner and Creative Director of Ignite Marketing. She’s an entrepreneur, author (fellow Insider Tips collaborator) , small business owner and sports fanatic. Everything that Ignite Marketing is about comes from her 35+ years of experience as a small business owner, graphics manager, print sales rep, print production flunkie, and everything in between. She has been helping small businesses with their websites, marketing and branding for many years (we won’t go there!) and would love to help you with your online presence.

Lori is excellent with color and design. She also enjoys the challenge of designing websites and expanding your brand. As an account exec/project manager for an Internet Marketing company for several years, she had to teach herself WordPress  and other platforms to help her clients. She enjoy the challenge of working the puzzle pieces and putting them together to make a design that is user friendly, easy on the eyes and improves a company’s bottom line.

Lori finds working with small companies challenging and invigorating. Small business owners can make decisions on the fly, they are always looking for an edge up, they are innovative and they usually do it all on a shoestring budget. She’s  in her element when she can brainstorm marketing ideas and then translating those ideas to a website strategy. It’s very fulfilling to work with a company and see the results of your combined efforts result in higher sales for that company.  Contact Lori to work with Ignite Marketing.

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